Minor Injury Service

Monday - Friday, 8.00am - 6.30pm

We run minor injuries unit for the local area; it is open to anyone, regardless of which GP practice they are registered with.

We can care for most 'walking wounded' injuries sustained within the previous 48 hours. Major fractures, bleeds or head injuries will be quickly sent to the full A&E department in Basingstoke.

Once registered at reception, most patients are seen within 10 minutes by a duty nurse, who can deal with a wide range of problems.  If your condition is more complex you will see our duty doctor. The time you wait will depend on other casualties, but you will be seen as soon as possible and kept informed if there is likely to be a wait. We have a great deal of trauma care experience within the practice. We have access to x-ray facilities at our local hospital (9.00 - 5.00).



Sister Claire Muir and Sister Lynn Paice (asthma only)

Both sisters have a diploma in Asthma Care. The clinic aims to provide help, support and education for patients and families of those with asthma and is run in close liaison with the doctors in the practice.

We encourage all of our asthmatic patients on regular medication to attend the asthma clinic at least annually and for some, more frequently, as their condition dictates.

There is good evidence that regular attendance at clinic for monitoring and education of patients regarding their condition reduces the risk of emergency admission to hospital. By controlling symptoms well, the impact of asthma on everyday life can be significantly reduced.

We strongly advise all asthmatics to have an annual ‘flu jab’. They should also be immunised against pneumococcus (a type of pneumonia).

Diabetes Clinic

diabetesSister Alison Frater

The diabetic clinic is for education, support, monitoring and treatment of patients with diabetes.

We encourage all patients with diabetes to attend the diabetic clinic at least annually and for some, more frequently, as their condition dictates. The clinic is run in close liaison with our GPs. Dr Andrew Fellows is our diabetes clinical lead. There is good evidence that regular attendance at clinic for monitoring and education of patients regarding their condition reduces the risk of complications. By controlling symptoms well, the impact of diabetes on everyday life can be significantly reduced.

Many patients have diabetes which can be controlled by diet alone or with medication. Some patients require insulin. Insulin-dependent patients are usually seen, at least initially, in hospital outpatients.

From the diabetic clinic you may be directed to the chiropodist, dietician or optician to obtain more specialist information on various aspects of your care.

We also strongly advise all diabetics to have an annual ‘flu jab’. They should also be immunised against pneumococcus (a type of pneumonia).

If you have any queries about diabetes, as a patient or a family member of a patient with diabetes, please contact reception to make an appointment with Sister Frater.

Heart Disease Clinic

heart and stethescope Sister Alison Frater

The Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) clinic provides monitoring and advice for anyone who has had a heart attack or an episode of angina (chest pain). There is good evidence that treating blood pressure, cholesterol and changing lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of future heart attacks. Alton is lucky to have an excellent cardiac rehabilitation unit. Once they have finished with you this clinic takes over!

We aim to see all 'heart patients' annually for blood pressure and blood tests. If everyone stopped smoking, lost weight and did more exercise we would all live longer!

We also strongly advise patients with heart disease to have an annual ‘flu jab’. They should also be immunised against pneumococcus (a type of pneumonia).

Hypertension (high blood pressure) Clinic

Sister Lynn Paice and Healthcare assistant Wendy Gagen      

This clinic offers a number of different facilities. In the early days, when you or your doctor suspect that you may have raised blood pressure, you may be offered several appointments for blood pressure monitoring, lifestyle advice and possibly to initiate some baseline investigations, such as blood testing, urine testing and an electrocardiogram (an electrical recording to assess your heart). Many of these visits will be with one of our healthcare assistants; you may also be encouraged to take readings yourself and pass these to reception for inclusion in your medical records.

Later on, if your blood pressure remains raised, you may be started on medication to lower it. Once you are stabilised on the medication, we recommend you have a hypertension review with one of our healthcare assistant team, ideally in the month in which you were born; you will be encouraged to check your blood pressure either at home, if you have the facilities, or in the waiting room at the Health Centre, and log the result with reception for inclusion in your medical records, six months after your review.

Well Woman

Sister Alison Frater and Sister Julee Cherakattu

This nurse-led service offers cervical smears, HRT reviews, health screens and breast awareness education. Several of our doctors also offer well woman checks and family planning advice.

We offer a full range of family planning services including contraceptive pills, injections  and implants, coil and cap fitting and counselling for sterilisation and vasectomy.

The Family Planning Association has a very helpful website with lots of information and advice on all forms of contraception:  http://www.fpa.org.uk/

If you have been invited for a cervical smear and want more information about cervical cancer or what to expect at your test, the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust website (www.jostrust.org.uk) is a great place to look. Their 5 minute video about the importance of regular smears and what to expect at your appointment is excellent - so take a look: you can find it on their website under the 'Information' tab or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=7knyPlT4DXU

The Wilson Practice Pregnancy Advice Sheet March 2016.pdf can be found here.

Minor Illness Appointments

Our nurse prescribers offer Minor Illness appointments everyday throughout their clinic time. They can help with many conditions: cystitis, earache, thrush, rashes, sore eyes, sore throats, for example. They can also arrange prescriptions although many common conditions do not need antibiotics.


The practice offers a full range of contraception services; confidentially, free and to all ages. Unplanned pregnancies are extremely stressful and it is always difficult to decide what to do. Whether you choose to keep the baby or go for a termination (BPAS), your life will be changed for ever. This is one instance when "prevention is better than cure".

Your doctor, and Sisters Thoma and Frater in the Well Woman, clinic will be happy to discuss any of the options (find out about contraception options here).

Emergency Contraception

If you have had unprotected sex and may be at risk of unwanted pregnancy please ask for help within 72 hours or, ideally, as soon as possible.

Emergency contraception prevents conception after sex without causing an abortion. This can be done by taking tablets or by fitting an intrauterine contraceptive device (coil). There are two types of tablet available. The most recent advance is Levonelle which is the safest, easiest to use and remarkably free of side effects. You can only use tablets if you take them within 72 hours of unprotected sex and you have not had any other episodes of unprotected sex since your last period. Occasionally, it may be more appropriate to offer to fit an intrauterine contraceptive device (coil) and if so, this will be discussed with you.

Like all consultations, requests for emergency contraception are completely confidential. Please never be put off consulting if you are told that your doctor is fully booked. A polite but insistent request for a same day appointment with our practice sister or doctor is all that is required.

Local chemists can also provide free emergency contraception for under 25 year olds. To find other local services try www.ruthinking.co.uk  or NHS111 on 111. Following treatment we would like to see you again to discuss ongoing contraceptive care or if you have any worries after taking emergency contraception.

Chlamydia Screening - see our screening tab for more details

Wound Care (ulcer) Clinic

This is run by the Community Nursing team based at Alton Community Hospital, but our practice nursing team is the first port fo call if you have an ulcer or other non-healing wound developing.  Many wounds can be healed quite quickly without the need for this specialist clinic.

The clinic provides a full assessment, help, support, advice including educational material, treatment and, if necessary, referral to a vascular consultant.



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