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August 2022 - Zero Tolerance to Abuse in General Practice

3rd May 2022 - Spring Newsletter 2022

12th April 2022 - Tablets for Fear of Flying Policy: Why we don't prescribe them anymore

4th April 2022 - COVID Pass Digital Service for International Travel - Practice Policy March 2022

Past Practice Updates

9th May 2022 - Wilson Practice PPG AGM @ 6.30

7th April 2022 - Health leaders today issue an urgent plea to communities amid a “perfect storm” of rising pressure on services and rocketing COVID-19 rates.

7th April 2022 - NHS England 10-Year Cancer Plan Call for Evidence closes on 8 April 2022

For More information on this plan please visit the government website for more information: 10-Year Cancer Plan: Call for Evidence - GOV.UK (

30th March 2022 - The Blue Space - Q&A with Cancer Nurses for Men - 25th April

31st January 2022 - COVID vaccination programme update

Take your ACR urine test at home. Diabetic patient will today receive an email or text message if they have not had their ACR test done in the last 12 months offering them the chance to take their test at home using the programme. To find out how this is done using your data view our privacy notice Appendix A

17th December 2021 - COVID Booster Vaccination Update & Supplementary Details

13th December 2022 - Update on the COVID Booster Programme

30th November 2021 - Zero Tolerance to Abuse and Violence in General Practice

29th November 2021 - Phio: new on-line assessment for 24/7 review of musculo-skeletal problems

22nd November 2021 - Request Re High Volume of Referrals to HHFT Breast Service

Healthier Together

Now that we are once again seeing normal childhood viral illness with the relaxing of lockdown, we thought it would be a timely reminder to signpost you to the ‘Healthier Together’ website which provides lots of helpful information which we hope you will find useful.
Please access the website and save to your favourites. It provides a wealth of info around your child’s health and what to do when they are unwell. Home :: Healthier Together (

8th November 2021 - Flu Vaccination Programme Update

14th October - Practice Newsletter

23rd September 2021 - Flu Vaccination Delay for Under 65s

7th September 2021 - Flu Vaccination Delay

August 2021 - COVID Vaccination Programme Update from the CCG & A31 PCN

1st June 2021 - Kooth Online Counselling Service for 11 – 25 years (up to 26th birthday) in Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight.

June 2021 - Hampshire Hospitals Digital Appointment Letters for Patients

Information for people attending diabetic retinopathy (eye check) screening in May and June

You might also be invited to have their routine blood tests, blood pressure or other checks done, if they have time, whilst they are attending the Community Centre. This new approach is being piloted to see if the team can 'multi-task' successfully when patient procedures take different lengths of time and whether this can be more efficient for patients and staff. It's understood that not everyone will have planned for extra time at their appointment at this stage, it's simply an option in this very early trial.

14th May 2021

27th April 2021 - Improve the quality of your sleep using sleepio

14 April 2021

30 March 2021

12 March 2021

07 March 2021 - Health watch Hampshire is asking for what matters most to you when it comes to health and social care ---> Click here to find out how you can take part

25 February 2021

19 February 2021

12 February 2021

9 February 2021

Low carb, real food - FREE on-line program for those with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or who have been advised to lose weight

Starts soon. Info session Monday 15 February.  Click here for more information.

4 February 2021

28 January 2021

25 January 2021Open letter to patients from the A31 Group of Practices

5 January 2021

January 2021 - A31 Group update on local Coronavirus vaccination arrangements

22 December 2020 - Practice Update

14 December 2020 - Practice Update

Flu jabs for patients at risk (including pregnant ladies) and all patients aged 50+ by end March 2021 - book now

We have appointments throughout the week - including some evenings and Saturday mornings. Please book on-line if you can or contact us via reception (Tuesday - Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm). See here for more information.

13 November 2020 - Practice Update

Primary Eyecare – for urgent eye concerns

If you develop painful or red eyes or eyelids, a sudden loss of vision or if you get a foreign body in your eye or experience flashes or ‘floaters’ across your vision, there is now a central service to call.

It has been developed by optical practices as a co-ordinated Covid-19 response to ensure patients get timely eye care without having to contact a GP surgery or hospital. It starts with a telephone triage process and may result in a telephone or video consultation or a face-to-face appointment. Urgent cases are assured an appointment within 24 hours.
The number to call is: 
Primary Eyecare Service: 0300 303 4922 (Mon – Sat:  9am – 5pm)

There is a Primary Eye Care leaflet with more details.

Winter Infection, including Coronavirus, Assessment Hub

North Hampshire GP practices have set up a Winter Assessment Hub in Old Basing to assess, treat and, where necessary, monitor patients with symptoms of infection, including COVID-19. It is a dedicated site that will carry out baseline observations to identify people who are unwell so that they can get appropriate referral or other care promptly. This allows practices to continue to offer routine services safely for all patients, including those who are vulnerable, reducing the risk of Coronavirus transmission locally.


Patients who attend the Hub and who are confirmed as COVID-19 positive, and those who are at high risk but not acutely unwell, will be supported by the COVID Oximetry at Home (CO@h) service, which will enable them to monitor blood oxygen levels regularly to identify early signs of deterioration.


Patients are referred to the Winter Assessment Hub by GPs and nurses at the practice; it is not a direct access service

For more details, click here ---> Winter Assessment Hub

Information Session - 19 October 2020 at 6.30pm

FREE LOW CARB/REAL FOOD programme designed to help people with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or who have been advised to lose weight?
We are delighted that following a highly successful course in August/September, the A31 Group of Practices and the Public Health Collaboration are again offering a free six-week low carb/real food programme designed for people with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or who have been advised to lose weight.

Starting in early November and run in week ly online sessions via Zoom, the programme aims are to help people.  Click here for more information.

  • get control of type 2 diabetes, or even put it into remission
  • reverse pre-diabetes
  • reduce blood glucose and HbA1c
  • lose weight
  • improve overall health and wellbeing.

The programme is being coordinated by a registered health coach and Public Health Collaboration Ambassador, Alresford-based Lou Walker.
So you can find out more about the low carb/real food lifestyle and what the programme entails, Lou is running an information session on Monday 19th October at 6.30pm.
You’ll need to register for the info session. The first session proper is at 6.30 on Monday 2nd November and every Monday at the same time up to and including 7th December.
Find out more about how to register for the information session and how the course will work:

Practice update 2 October 2020

Click here to read our update

Practice update 31 July 2020

Click here to read our update

Practice update 24 July 2020: 

Please be assured there will be further clinic dates if you cannot make these, and for those aged 50 - 65; we are simply making sure our early dates are in peoples' diaries and prioritising our most vulnerable patients first.

Click here to read our update

Practice update 3 July 2020: some useful contacts and interesting opportunities

Click here to read our update

Practice update 19 June 2020: eConsult FAQs

Click here to read our update

Practice update 12 June 2020: ordering repeat prescriptions electronically

Click here to read our update

Free online course for patients with, or at high risk of, Type 2 diabetes, people who live with or care for people with diabetes or who have been advised to lose weight

See the leaflet attached here. Run as six sessions over 12 weeks by local nutrition expert Lou Walker, this course has been very well received, and attendees have achieved great results, when it has run in other areas.  It is completely free, and Lou is running an online information session on Monday 6 July for people to find out more.  Take a look at the leaflet here for more information and details of how to sign up.

CORONAVIRUS: Practice update 5 June 2020

Click here to read our update

Privacy Notice Update 04.06.2020: How we handle your photos sent via text to the practice and video consultations

Click here to go to the privacy notice page to find out what these changes are

CORONAVIRUS: A31 Group update 29 May 2020 : practices returning to independent working

Click here to read our update

CORONAVIRUS: Practice update 22 May 2020

Click here to read our update

Cervical screening recalls - possible scam

Public Health England has advised of reports of women receiving text messages advising that they are overdue for cervical screening. The message asks them to call a mobile number and to provide personal details. PLEASE NOTE: these messages are NOT from the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. The routine screening programme is currently on hold, the exception being women who are under annual surveillance. 'Normal service' will be resumed as soon as circumstances allow.

CORONAVIRUS: Practice update 15 May 2020

Click here to read our update

eConsult: great for patients and great for the practice

Click here to read our simple guide

CORONAVIRUS: Practice update 8 May 2020

Click here to read our update

CORONAVIRUS: A31 Group update 1 May 2020

Click here to read our update

CORONAVIRUS: Practice Update 24 April 2020

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CORONAVIRUS: Practice Update 17 April 2020

Click here to read our update


Click here to read our update

Generous chocolate gift

CORONAVIRUS ARRANGEMENTS: Easter Bank Holiday opening

CORONAVIRUS ARRANGEMENTS: Medication collection and delivery

For patients who are self-isolating and who are concerned about getting their repeat medication, there are a number of volunteer groups who can assist, including Binsted, Bentley and Froyle Care Group (01420 23440); Alton Covid Mutual Aid Group (0800 06603697; staffed 9-5pm weekdays); e-mail;

COVID-19: Working together with the A31 Group of Practices from Monday 30 March

Click here for a summary of changes to how The Wilson Practice, along with the three other practices in the A31 Group, are planning to work together during this very challenging time.

A breakdown of key information for patients and what they should do if they require GP services is here.

We appreciate that this is extremely short notice.  The speed with which the COVID-19 situation is changing means that the A31 practices have had to rapidly adapt their usual processes in order to preserve a safe and effective service.  We are anticipating that demand for our services will increase significantly at a time when we are likely to lose staff to sickness or self-isolation, meaning change is essential.

Please bear with all staff – from our practice and from the other practices – as this new way of working settles in. 

We are grateful for your patience and please remember to follow the Government’s advice with regard to social distancing and self-isolation.

With all good wishes: Dr Andrew Fellows, Dr Alison Rickard, Dr Sally Louden, Dr Oliver Kemp and Dr Sarah Wagstaffe, the partners at The Wilson Practice

 Rescue medicines: important message  for patients with COPD or asthma

Prescriptions for rescue packs (steroid and antibiotics) to have at home in case you experience worsening respiratory symptoms are available for COPD patients - but they are inappropriate for asthma patients, because if asthma symptoms become bad enough to require steroids it is ESSENTIAL you are assessed by a clinician.

If you are an asthma patient with worsening symptoms, contact the surgery via E-consult or by phone; or contact 111 out of hours.

More information from Asthma UK at:

If you are a COPD patient who has had rescue medications before, you can order via repeat prescription. If you have not had a rescue pack before, contact the surgery (as above) and you will be given advice as well as a prescription.

Important message for parents/carers bringing babies to immunisation clinics

To minimise the risk of infection, in line with NHS guidance, we are limiting the number of people bringing a baby for immunisations to a maximum of two adults - and no other children. Whilst children are at less risk from coronavirus, they are significant silent carriers of many viruses - and we must ensure our building is safe for more vulnerable patients.

If you cannot get care or cover for other children when your baby is booked for their vaccinations - please rebook as it is likely that anyone attending a baby immunisation appointment with other children or more than two adults will not be seen.We are grateful for your assistance in keeping our whole community safe at this very difficult time

Asthma inhalers

Please note: we will continue to issue prescriptions for these for regular inhaler users, but if patients who have not attended asthma clinic in the past two years start to develop symptoms, we are asking them to contact the practice - by phone or e-Consult - to arrange a discussion with one of our specialist nurses.

Travel insurance letters

Many practices are receiving requests from insurers and travel companies for GP letters in order for people to cancel holidays due to Covid-19. Information from the Royal College of GPs, states: "Insurers and travel companies should be basing their decisions to offer refunds on advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Public Health England, not letters from GPs. It is not a good use of GPs' time to be writing letters for patients who are not ill but have plans to travel - and GPs will always base their decisions on official advice."The Government has recently also made statements regarding self-isolation and this too is a matter between insurance and travel companies and the individuals concerned.

More Coronavirus precautions to protect everyone

NHS guidance and advice:

With the increasing spread of coronavirus, we need to reduce unnecessary visits to the surgery. Please consider carefully if your problem is urgent or if it can wait and if you have respiratory symptoms, please do not come to the surgery: you may be putting other patients and the staff here at risk.  Check your symptoms via the website above

1. We are are cancelling routine appointments and clinics and consulting, where possible, by telephone. If you require GP advice, please use e-Consult (above) in the first instance. If as a result of a phone consultation or an e-Consult a clinician advises that you need to be seen, they - or reception - will liaise with you directly to organise this.

Our Duty Doctor and Nurse team is still working but please be reminded of the most up-to-date guidance around coronavirus and self-isolation. 

2.  For patients who generally collect their repeat prescription from the practice, this will no longer be possible. We will instead send those prescriptions direct to a pharmacy. This includes controlled drugs. Please indicate your chosen pharmacy on your prescription request. 

These new arrangements are in response to the evolving situation and based on guidance from Public Health England and with the support of our local commissioners.

With our patients' support we hope to deliver the safest possible service during this turbulent period. We remain committed to the health and well-being of our population and thank everyone for their support.

Repeat medication requests and Coronavirus

We are asking patients who are on repeat medication not to request additional quantities because they are concerned about Coronavirus limiting their ability to get future supplies. The government is doing all it can to protect supply chains and advises that stockpiling may lead to artificial shortages. Thank you for your consideration.

Help yourself healthy: self care 

The NHS is a marvellous resource, but as we all know it is stretched.  The NHS has backed a practical Self care initiative to help give us all confidence to take control of those minor health issues that crop up from time to time.  There are some really useful fact sheets - on everything from heartburn and low back pain, through acne and constipation to eczema and sprains and strains.   See for yourself at

Connect to Support Hampshire: health, including mental health and dementia, learning and physical disabilities and older people's health information and advice for all

Connect to Support Hampshire is a source of information and advice, as well as a directory of services available for adults in Hampshire.
This website can be used to assist in sign-posting patients to services, key resources and websites that can help with many areas of life including:

  • Coping in later life
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Well-being  (including Well-being Centres)
  • Dementia
  • Learning and physical disabilities 

Important message for 24 year old women - and all women over 24...  A smear test lasts 5 minutes – the impact of cervical cancer lasts a lifetime”

Smear info

If you are 24 you will be receiving your first-ever invitation for a smear test in the next few months.  It’s a late-ish ‘coming of age’ event – and one you should not ignore. 

You’ll be invited for a smear every five years – but as the poster says – it’s five minutes from your life – and it could save your life – so don’t miss your first one.

For more information – including a really helpful and reassuring video about what to expect at a smear test – check out

Measles is on the increase in England - are you protected?

Practice Run Up to Christmas for Mind

The Wilson Practice is celebrating success in its first-ever entry in a public team challenge, having joined the ‘Run Things: Run Up to Christmas’ which raises money for the mental health and well-being charity, Mind.  ‘TeamTWP’ (eight people, including nursing staff, management and GPs), committed to Run Thing's top milestone of collectively running 250 kilometres (155 miles) between 1 December and Christmas Day.  And they did it!  With days to spare, despite some illness, sprains and a fractured metatarsal reducing the mileage capacity of some of the team.

Dr Louden clocked up the most miles, whilst senior nurse and nurse manager Sister Claire Muir got the prize for dedication to the cause by running the 5k Christmas Day parkrun at Hogmoor Inclosure, Bordon. Overall, the team ran more than 300km (190 miles) which is great achievement – especially when the evenings were dark and often very wet.

“Being part of a team with a goal was a great motivator, especially when it was raining!" said practice business director Rosie Lewis. "The partners were very supportive and kindly sponsored our entry fees,” she continued. “We are lucky to have Amy Holder, a Mind mental health well-being worker, working from Alton Health Centre on a Thursday supporting patients from across the A31 Group of Practices, so it felt like a very direct way of giving something back.”

Run Things was set up by two friends on the south coast who wanted to encourage people to get out and run and to raise awareness and funds for Mind, a charity close to both their hearts.  It runs a number of challenges throughout the year and a virtual run club.  This year over 4,000 people around the world took part in Run Up To Christmas.

You can support Mind and recognise The Wilson Practice team’s achievement through the Run Things justgiving page: Please mention TeamTWP in your comment

Dr Louden reaches the top of Kilimanjaro - and returns safely to the practiceDr Louden reaches teh summit of KiliDr Louden

Great news for Winchester Hospice - Dr Louden made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro - with  generous sponsorship (£3,500 at the last count from so many kind people!) and the good wishes of the practice and patients spurring her on. In an amazing adventure that saw one team member helicoptered off the dormant volcano and another fall victim to altitude sickness, Sally was one of 15 intrepid women who made the summit - despite fresh snow on the final part of the ascent making conditions treacherous.  "It is the hardest thing I have ever done!", she proclaimed of the five-and-a-half days up, day-and-a half down route that was part trek, part scramble and part climb. Back to work in the practice just three days later, Dr Louden is beaming, but understandably a little weary, complimenting the team work amongst the group and the help of their guides for making it possible.

You can support the development of the Winchester Hospice through Dr Louden's donation page:

 Over-use of prescription medicine: a GP view

Following the recent media coverage highlighting concerns over this issue, Dr Sally Louden has written a helpful fact sheet.  Download it here or pick up a copy in Reception.

Are you recently divorced, or still feeling the effects after some time? Divorce Recovery Workshops might be worth checking out 

DRW is a national charity aiming ti help people 'grow through', rather then 'go through' this traumatic life event.  New workshops starting in Basingstoke in October - see their poster here

Fresh Start - NEW Confidential group to help people get free from life-controlling habits

If you, or someone you know or love, needs help to break free from an addiction such as smoking, gambling, drinking or the internet/screen use, this new initiative from Christians Against Poverty, could help.

Led by a trained Fresh Start Coach and working in confidence with other people facing similar challenges, the course is tailored to help people discover freedom once more.

The group starts on Monday 30 September. It runs from 7:30 - 9pm.(or 7pm for a free meal first) at Alton Maltings Centre.
For more information contact Mark Rumsby on 07769 030913 or check out

HRT and breast cancer: read Dr Louden's reassuring Fact Sheet

HRT and breast cancer Fact Sheet Aug19

Exercise = fitness = health

Sounds simple – and in essence it is – but there is more to it than that…

Former senior partner and founder of Cardiac Rehab (and Alton Runners!) Dr Hugh Bethell has spent a lifetime exploring and promoting this basic concept.

And he is still learning.

He has created a blog to share ideas and evidence – to encourage us all to help ourselves to better health – and, if you wish, to enter into debate on the issues.

With sections on exercise and diabetes, dementia and hypertension already – the blog is in easy to understand, bite-sized chunks – and has amusing illustrations to help make the point.  Click here to go straight to Hugh’s blog:

OLDER DRIVERS - how to keep driving safely for longer  

For useful drop-in sessions coming up locally check out the Older Drivers Forum website

GP and nurse appointments before 8am as well as until 8pm weekdays and on Saturday and Sunday mornings

Patients across 'the A31 Group' all have access to appointments with nurse/healthcare assistants (HCAs) and GPs at one of the local surgeries until 8pm every weekday, between 8am and 10am on Saturdays, and (new from 1 July) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 7am and 8am. There is also the opportunity to arrange a telephone consultation in some of those morning, evening and weekend slots and the option of seeing a GP at Basingstoke Hospital (RG24 9NA) on a Sunday morning). These sessions (apart from the Sunday ones) are staffed by doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and receptionists from the A31 Group of Practices.  

PLEASE NOTE 1: regardless of venue these appointments are booked via a patient's own surgery and are for PRE-BOOKED APPOINTMENTS only.  The telephones at all practices are are handled by NHS 111 outside of core hours

Are you dehydrated?

Click here Preventing dehydration to find out why it matters and what you can do to avoid the problem

Wilson Practice patients are very switched on!

Latest NHS statistics show that our patients are way out in front when it comes to using IT to get the best from the practice. Around half our patients can book appointments and order repeat medication using Patient Access, and almost one patient in six has registered to access their clinical record safely and securely on-line.

Managing partner Dr Andrew Fellows says: "We're delighted that our patients are using technology to help them access our services, and that our staff have been able to help so many people do this. Patients can log on whenever it suits them and with access to records, you can check test results and remind yourself of what was agreed in a consultation. It frees up our reception and admin colleagues to help people with more complex queries, and those who do not have internet access."

To register for this service, simply go to The Wilson Practice website and click Online Services from the menu on the right to download a form. You will need to attend the practice with photo ID and proof of address to complete the process.

Thank you for your feedback

We are grateful to all patients who responded to our recent survey on access and services to help us with planning these developments. In addition to the changes above, we are looking at how we can broaden the range of services on offer from our surgeries and we are developing a fact sheet to address the most common questions and observations raised through the survey.

Weight management: top tips and links

Click here for the NHS 12-week weight loss plan, developed in association with the British Dietetic Association

Apps and links to exhibitors at the WP-PPG APril 2019 Healthy Weight Event

Patient feedback

We welcome patient feedback on the care and treatment we provide, and suggestions for changes or improvements you would like the practice to consider.  You can complete a very simple paper survey in the surgery, or you can do it on-line by clicking 'Would you recommend?' (below) or at  You can also leave feedback on the NHS Choices website ( Your views are important to us. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Access to your medical record on-line

Why might this be useful? You can check results of blood tests, refer back to recent consultations, confirm your medications or immunisation dates and refresh your memory before attending an outpatient appointment, for example; and of course, you can ensure we have your latest contact details.  Click here for an application form. You will need to come to the surgery in person with the completed form plus photo ID and proof of address to register for this service.

Health News from the BBC and the NHS

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